Building quality student relationships and bridging cultural gaps should not be complicated.

With our self-study courses, you will be equipped with the tools, strategies, templates, and examples you need to help your students excel socially, emotionally, academically, and culturally without the stress of doing all the research and work yourselves.

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Five topics in each course with tools, tips, templates, and more

to meet the social, emotional, academic, and cultural needs of all students, especially those from culturally diverse backgrounds and those who are farthest behind. We eliminate the stress and struggle of you having to do all the research and work yourself.


Evaluate how successfully the school culture promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion and impacts students positively by starting with you.

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Qualify how the content, materials, curriculum, activities, and pedagogy embrace the representation of diverse cultures and voices.

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Uplift the critical thinking patterns of students, so they become deep thinkers and lifelong learners with future-ready skills and behaviors.

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Activate a student success team of stakeholders like community members and experts who work together creatively to support student.

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Leverage equitable and bias-resistant assessment practices by incorporating options for voice, choice, and authenticity in the assessment process.

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My name is Michelle Singh. I am a School Achievement Strategist and CEO of LCT-E Learning Solutions™️. I recognize that teachers struggling with low student achievement and engagement are most likely dealing with diversity, equity, and inclusion issues. As an educator of 20 years and professor of teacher education, I am passionate about helping teachers implement the right tools and strategies to build quality relationships with their students and bridge cultural gaps in their classrooms.


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Are you ready to build more trusting relationships with your students and bridge cultural gaps?

Browse our self-study courses below. 

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Series: Unmasking Our Biases

Explore five tips and strategies you can implement now that will help you unmask biases that show up in the classroom culture, content & practice, student leadership skills, stakeholder relationships, and assessments (bias-resistant options).

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5 Steps To Achieve Equity & Excellence in Teaching

Explore tips, tools, and more to help you build community, diversify your curriculum, boost students' self-management skills, use equitable and empathetic communication with stakeholders, and incorporate gamification in assessments.

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The Equity and Excellence in Teaching LIVE Series Course

Explore tips, tools, action worksheets, bonuses, and more to help you implement activities like student-led family interviews, multimedia digital storytelling, Socratic Seminars, virtual field trips (several options), and digital portfolios.

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What can you expect from an

Equity and Excellence in Teaching

course experience?

You can expect to get ready-to-use teaching tips, user-friendly templates, relevant examples, and tangible resources you can immediately implement in your school and classroom.


Lessons covering school culture and climate, teacher practices and pedagogy, student skill set and mindset, stakeholder relationships and partnerships, and equitable formative assessments


Workbook with action worksheets and resources to help you apply the learning and create an action plan for implementation...oh yeah and you get bonuses on top of all of that!


Invitation to access our exclusive private professional learning network on Facebook where teachers gain access to resources and a community of like-minded educators

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My students will be able to show their strengths and have a win even if they are not performing at grade level. 


The training helped me see how families can access instant feedback from me.


I learned how my students can show their thinking and how I can provide more detailed feedback.


Loved learning about bridging the hope gap by cultivating and providing role models that look like my students.


Thank you for the amazing presentation. I can’t wait to use this strengths resume with my SPED team.


I can provide many opportunities for my students to participate, especially my students with IEPs and ELLs. 


Our approach results in successful student outcomes

We helped over 30,000 educators globally implement strategies that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. Students, especially disadvantaged students, students from culturally diverse backgrounds, and those who are farthest behind, need innovative and inclusive approaches. We can help!

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