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My name is Michelle Singh. I am a School Achievement Strategist and CEO of LCT-E Learning Solutions™️. I recognize that teachers struggling with low student achievement and engagement are most likely dealing with diversity, equity, and inclusion issues. As an educator of 20 years and professor of teacher education, I am passionate about helping teachers implement the right tools and strategies to build quality relationships with their students and bridge cultural gaps in their classrooms.

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I know what it is like to want quality relationships with my students, parents, families, community partners, administrators, and colleagues. I also know what it feels like to have disengaged, unmotivated, and underachieving students. They once sat in the back of my classroom with their heads lowered and voices silent.
Sadly, I experienced these lows and failures (opportunities for growth) when it came to relationships, instructional practices, assessments, and more. But I also experienced the highest of highs and great success in my teaching, with my students and stakeholders, and in my school setting.
In fact, the EQUAL Methodology™️ was born from these experiences, opportunities for growth, successes, and so much more. I took the lessons I learned and the extensive research I have done and continue to do as an expert in the field to design a framework that examines disparities related to equity issues facing schools, offers solutions, and positively impacts schools and districts across the globe.

My unique experience, diverse expertise, and deep empathy allow me to help educators embrace and implement culturally responsive instructional methods and digital tools. They, in turn, prioritize diversity and inclusion and improve their students' achievement. Furthermore, my dedication to equity and excellence in teaching has allowed me to serve over 30,000 educators worldwide using our methods. To say I am honored to do this purpose-focused work is an understatement.
I am genuinely passionate about helping schools increase student achievement, enhance teacher instruction, and prepare their students for successful future outcomes. I also have a relentless drive to ensure the educational needs of all students, especially those from diverse cultural backgrounds, are met, and their gifts are cultivated.
That is why I am committed to equipping teachers with the tools, strategies, and a framework they can immediately implement in their schools and classrooms. In our self-study courses, teachers like you will walk away with evidence-based practices to successfully meet your students' social, emotional, academic, and cultural needs.

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